Being a manufacturer of cutting tools, we deliver metal turning, milling, and boring equipment. We have optimised our offer and partnered with the best so that you can reduce your costs. Apart from the GOSTAR TOOLS brand, we offer standard products by recognised Polish and international manufacturers. Our standard portfolio encompasses:

  • indexable turning, milling, drilling, and boring tools,
  • CNC equipment,
  • HSS, HSS-E, or HSS-PM shank-type tools,
  • manual tools,
  • cutting inserts,
  • abrasives.

Indexable machining tools

They are intended for turning, milling, drilling, and boring metal and make up the core of our portfolio. The first group, mostly indexable knives, help with longitudinal, transverse, copy, and contour turning. They can be used for internal and external grooving, threading, or surface finishing. The second group, including heavy-duty turning and facing tools, finishing tools, counterbores, and spotting drills, can be used for drilling, counterboring, and chamfering. Indexable boring tools can enlarge or machine an existing bore. As a producer of metal cutters, we could not forget about indexable HSS, HSS-E, or HSS-PM shank heads. Our offer includes such highly regarded brands as Bester, Carmex, FABA, Gimex, or WIDIA.

Cutting inserts and abrasives

The next product group in our portfolio are cutting inserts. These carbide tools are used for turning, milling, drilling, and boring metal. We offer inserts by BAiLDONiT, PAFANA, SANDVIK, and others. We offer abrasives as well. Low price and threshold delivery guaranteed.

CNC machining centre equipment

Equipment for CNC machining centres is an important part of our portfolio. Computer control of numerical machines means much better metal turning, milling, drilling, and boring results than with conventional devices. We offer collets, threading holders, angle heads, speeders, and many more accessories.
Take a look at our offer of indexable cutting tools, inserts, and CNC machine equipment. Do not hesitate to contact our office if you have any questions. We are regularly upgrading our portfolio according to your suggestions and market demands. Thanks to our experience and long partnerships with global producers, we can confidently recommend tested and reliable brands.

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