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Special tools

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PVD coatings

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Design, production and sale of cutting tools for professional use


GOSTAR TOOLS – Polish manufacturer of tools

We are a Polish company with long traditions. We have been designing and producing tools for many years. The GOSTAR TOOLS offer includes catalog tools as well as those made to order, closely matched in terms of technical parameters to the specific needs of the buyer. What distinguishes our cutters and special drills is high quality, because we make them from the best quality materials, including fine-grained carbide, using modern technologies. The assortment also includes products of other brands from Poland and around the world. We also offer the service of covering devices with PVD coatings

Catalog tools for professional use

The basis of our offer are standard tools dedicated to drilling, turning, milling or threading. These are products of both Polish and foreign companies. However, they all have one thing in common: they allow you to optimize work and reduce production costs. We offer, among others solid carbide shank tools, cutting inserts, accessories for CNC machines and abrasives.

Special tools according to the customer’s design

As a manufacturer with many years of experience, we are very familiar with the design of cutting tools. Therefore, we can make special cutters, solid carbide drills and other tools for you that will allow you to carry out strictly defined works. We create them on the basis of the client’s drawing or based on our project according to your instructions. Thanks to close cooperation, the cutter or drill you need will be created.

PVD coatings, i.e. not only the design of special tools

At GOSTAR TOOLS, we offer comprehensive services. In addition to designing and manufacturing cutting tools, we also regenerate them, i.e. sharpen and apply PVD coatings (we use TiN, TiAlN, AlTiN, TiCN coatings, etc.). We also provide advice on the selection of optimal solutions and tool service.

Special tools

At GOSTAR TOOLS, we not only offer catalog tools for metal, composite, wood processing, etc. You can also order special tools made of VHM carbide or powder steel. We design and manufacture drills and cutters at the client’s individual request. We make tools according to the technical drawings sent to us, it is also possible to prepare documentation by our specialists. We complete each order with the utmost attention to detail in the shortest possible time. If necessary, we also provide assistance in implementing the tools.

Directory tools

Do you need reliable catalog tools for widely understood machining? You will find them in GOSTAR TOOLS! We offer a wide selection of cutting tools with standard dimensions from manufacturers recognized in the industry. Cutters, drills, cutting inserts, abrasives, equipment for numerically controlled machines? All this is included in our rich assortment. We guarantee low prices and fast shipment of the order!

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