Hello! If you need custom or standard tools for any machining processes, such as milling cutters or solid carbide drills, or seek to prolong their life with PVD coating, we’re here to help!



Custom tools

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PVD coating

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Design, production, and sale of professional cutting tools


GOSTAR TOOLS – your Polish tool supplier

We are a Polish company with long traditions to support us. We have been designing and producing tools for many years now. At GOSTAR TOOLS, we can supply standard and bespoke tools that strictly meet your specific technical needs. Our custom cutters and drills stand out thanks to their top quality that emerges from the best-grade materials, including fine carbide, combined with state-of-the-art technologies. Our portfolio includes products by other manufacturers from Poland and abroad as well. With us, you can also prolong your tool’s life with PVD coating.

Professional standard tools

Polish and international manufacturers’ standard tools for drilling, turning, milling , or threading are the foundation of our business. They have one thing in common: with them, you can optimise work and reduce production costs. We offer such equipment as solid carbide shank tools, cutting inserts, CNC accessories, or abrasives.

Bespoke custom tools

We’re experts in cutting tool design, thanks to our years-long experience. We can produce custom cutters, solid carbide drills, and other tools with which you can perform highly specialised tasks. They can be made from your drawings or our design based on your requests. With hand-in-hand cooperation, you’ll get the exact cutter or drill you need.

PVD coating – more than custom tool design

At GOSTAR TOOLS, we offer comprehensive services. In addition to designing and manufacturing cutting tools, we also regenerate them, i.e. sharpen and apply PVD coatings (we use TiN, TiAlN, AlTiN, TiCN coatings, etc.). We also provide advice on the selection of optimal solutions and tool service.

Special tools

We at GOSTAR TOOLS provide standard metal, composite, or wood cutting tools and custom SC or powder steel tools. We can design and deliver bespoke drills and cutters. You can either send us your technical drawings or rely on our experts to design your tooling. Each project enjoys our utmost attention to detail in the shortest possible lead time. We can also help deploy your tools.

Standard tools

Do you need robust standard tools for various machining applications? GOSTAR TOOLS has them! Here, you’ll find a great choice of standardised cutting tools from reputable manufacturers. Cutters, drills, inserts, abrasions, CNC accessories? You can find all this at GOSTAR TOOLS. Low prices and short lead times guaranteed!

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