Tools are worn down during use. It’s perfectly normal and cannot be completely prevented. But do you need to buy a new solid tool if its cutting edges become dull? Not necessarily. It can be serviced and professionally reconditioned. GOSTAR TOOLS can help you with that.

What is tool reconditioning?

It’s a method for restoring used parts. The service includes restoration of the geometric properties, sharpening, and sometimes even recoating. All this restores the initial performance of cutting edges damaged through use. We can also modify the geometry during sharpening and coating. At GOSTAR TOOLS, we recondition your tools under our ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, which guarantees procedural compliance.

Why recondition tools?

Servicing solid tools saves money. New tools are often rather expensive. Reconditioning can leave as much as 75% of the cost of a new tool in your pocket. But there’s more! Thanks to reconditioning, the original cutting parameters are restored. If the tool is recoated (which we can do at GOSTAR TOOLS), its durability is improved, and friction, diffusion, and operating temperature are reduced. Note the environmental footprint. Instead of buying new products, recondition those that lost their performance to use the resources sustainably.

What we recondition?

At GOSTAR TOOLS, we recondition HSS, HSS-E, and CS tools, cutters, drills, taps, reamers, chamfers, and counterbores. We’re here to help!

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